Sri Lanka Awaits

One unusual job we had was filming this huge banner erected at the side of the M8 motorway inĀ  Glasgow City Centre during the Commonwealth Games 2014 bid.

The deciding meeting was already underway in Sri Lanka when the phonecall came to Rumble for a film crew to be at the banner site as soon as possible. The Commonwealth Games Federation, in the process of considering Glasgow’s bid to host the 2014 much-desired sporting event, requested for additional supportive material to be provided with immediate effect.

In an extremely short duration of time, our video production company filmed the banner from a number locations and vantage points, including the roof of a neighbouring office block, edited the shots, created an MPEG of the video and had it emailed across the world to the awaiting committee.

Not your average day! Or then again, is it?

Many of Scotland’s hopes for the Commonwealth Games 2014 will have been pupils at Scotland’s School of Sport in Glasgow for whom Rumble produced this promotional video

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