Smallest Street In The World

For the production of one of Rumble’s awards videos filming of nominees took us to the lovely town of Wick in the north of Scotland; home of the smallest street in the world! And indeed the building which sits on it was our filming location for the day.

The No1 Bistro belongs to Mackays Hotel and sits on Ebenezer Place, which has been recognised by the Guinness World Records as the smallest street in the world. At an extraordinary six feet and nine inches long (or short!) the No1 Bistro is the only address in the street!

The food in the restaurant is pretty good so there you have two good reasons to visit. Another would be the lovely hotel owners who looked after our film crew famously. So kind were they that they gifted us a bottle of Old Pulteney whisky on our departure. Now that doesn’t happen every day!

We don’t have the video of this particular award nominee on our website but you can watch a different interview on

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