Two weeks filming in the third world certainly brings some perspective to life…
Landing in Heathrow, it’s the feeling of washing your hands in water so clean it can be drunk.
Sitting down to whatever in the world you feel like eating, in the knowledge that it won’t cause you to be ill, gives food a whole new appreciation.
And then it’s the luxury of getting home and running a hot bath, in water that runs clean, at the twist of a tap and, lying there, sparing a thought for the mud huts and buckets of water you have left behind.
It won’t take long for the home comforts and luxuries to adopt their familiar role in our lives, and for it all to be taken for granted again but experiencing life in Malawi, as we have done, is a truly gifted opportunity, and we owe it to those who have touched us so deeply to cling on to this privileged perspective.

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