Not What It Seemed!


Ooh what a laugh we had!

The shoot was a short piece-to-camera with Dr Jesse Jutkowitz on his fleeting visit to Scotland from the States for which the best solution in terms of time and convenience was to film him at the hotel where he was staying.

It was only a short piece and the shot was head, shoulders and a bit of wall – or headboard as it turned out – so we headed off to his room and set up for him to sit on the edge of the bed and deliver his spiel.

The script, however, was in an email on the laptop which he had patiently been trying to get to go online. Crunch time. Crew ready. No Internet.

And so the techy guy for the hotel was summoned to sort it out. There wasn’t a lot of patience in the room. Time was precious plus the sooner we got this filming over with, the sooner our star could top up on his two hours sleep before his important seminar.

In hindsight perhaps the techy guy could well have misunderstood the situation and the sense of urgency…

He walks into a bedroom crammed with two blokes, one woman, camera and lights pointing at the bed and a laptop ready to be wired for internet access.

We never thought anything of it at the time but had a laugh recalling the expression on his face. Wonder if he is still searching the web furiously!!

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