Mai Tai

Think they call it a busman’s holiday but we honestly couldn’t think of a better way of recording such vital-to-ongoing-life information. What use is a scrap of paper with a recipe scribbled on it when you can sit back and watch it happen. Ah isn’t video great? One click of the play button and we are there, back at the poolside bar, talking to our new friend Richard while he prepares a refreshing Mai Tai during our break from filming.

It was that kind of shoot, or maybe it’s just because it was Hawaii! Professionalism wasn’t in question. We did film it on two cameras (okay, our handy iPhones) and edit it, with a caption, on Final Cut X Pro. And hey, we were simply doing our bit by getting into the spirit of Maui  (light and dark rum to be precise) and embracing the infectious Hawaiian culture.

So, here you have it. Our crew’s new friend barman Richard demonstrating how to make your very own Maui Mai Tai… genius!


PS – who would have thought the word ‘Hawaiian’ would feature in our blog and not be referring to pizza? Surreal.

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