Heatwave In London

As the temperature in some parts of the UK has soared into the thirties today (not in Scotland we may add!), we remember a shoot our video production company had in London during a similar heatwave…

On this occasion, like many before, we left the car at base and travelled, crew and kit, by taxi the relatively short distance across the bustling city centre to our filming location. It worked out cheaper and easier than driving and parking and, given that we could not walk the length of ourselves never mind a street with the amount of kit we had for the shoot, it was vital that we could get as close to the building as possible. By the time the camera, tripod, lights, sound equipment etc. had been loaded onto the taxi floor, there was barely any room for crew. But this was nothing new and despite the intense heat we muddled through, as we always do.

All was well until, there on the filming schedule, was a shot list including exteriors of buildings in another part of London. With no lights or sound required, our producer and cameraman set off for the underground. It was cramped, hot and uncomfortable and the decision not to hail a cab was quickly regretted. However, they made it to the other end, popped up on the pavement and got the shots required.

On the way back, however, the energy levels were fading fast and our producer and cameraman were struggling. Determined to keep going and reach base as soon as possible, the human pack horses fought their way through the crowds and managed their way back across the underground to destination station Russell Square. Once there, the queue for the lift was as immense as the heat and with an exchanged look, the decision was confirmed to take the steps. It had to be quicker!

Well, those of you who are familiar with Russell Square tube station in London will appreciate the feat undertaken! And for those who aren’t, the fact that there are 175 steps may give some indication! By the time they reached half way they didn’t know whether to go back down and take the lift, to keep going, or to sit on the steps and cry!

When the crumpled mess finally reached base, our producer and cameraman were first in line for the customary after-shoot pint.

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