End of Day One: Hawaii

Photo 10-04-2013 18 41 09End of day one in Hawaii and while everyone back home is being wakened by time-to-get-up-for-work alarms, we are just catching up with emails and reflecting on our first day in Hawaii… yeah, you guessed, with a beer. It’s pretty surreal really. Sitting on the veranda overlooking the pool where a small group enjoy a barbecue, and beyond that the Pacific Ocean. The darkness of evening is warm and relaxing. The only sound is the lapping of the waves on the shore and the only light the three lantern flames at the water’s edge… oh, and the screen of the laptop! Oh well, this is a work trip.

We are really impressed by the little we have had chance to experience so far of Hawaii, or more specifically the island Maui: home for the next week. Not a bad home. Could fair get used to this: beautiful setting, the friendliest of people (let’s face it, you expect the Americans to be friendly but the Maui locals take it to another level) and the most amicable climate. No wonder they call it paradise. We are also relieved by the lack of insects buzzing about – although maybe we’ll all wake up head to toe in bites! No, the only ‘pests’ we’ve come across are gorgeous little birds (of the flying variety folks!) so dearly wanting an invite to share our with-beer snacks of crisps. Can settle for that.

Well as the sun has set and evening is most definitely upon us we bid you goodnight (or good morning rather) as we set off in search of the local eatery… and maybe another little beer.


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