All Nighters

All nighters are not uncommon in this business! Don’t know what it is about video production but so often we are given utterly unrealistic timescales to have everything turned around. But that’s just part of the job – and why edit suites have sofas!!!

Editing through the night on location is something we have to do on occasion. When we provide events coverage for a conference which runs over a couple of days, quite often the client likes to close the event with a ‘highlights’ video!

At one such event in Airth Castle we had three cameras covering the conference activity with a couple of cameramen running about capturing the evening entertainment. Filming and editing were going off at the same time with the last camera tape handed over well after midnight. We incorporated footage from as late as eleven the next morning, only to show it less than two hours later in its final form.

Adrenalin comes in useful in this job, as does the ability to work well under pressure!

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