Zoo Cubs VNR

The news of lion cubs being born at London zoo yesterday, and all caught on CCTV no less, reminded us of the tiger cubs we filmed at Glasgow zoo.

Glasgow zoo sadly closed in 2003 and not too long before it closed we filmed a VNR (video news release) which was of enormous interest and shown by television broadcasters all over the world. It’s always good news when animals are born in zoos but there was something very special about the birth of these tiger cubs. Animal experts had been of the belief that the father tiger would never be present at the birth of his cubs as he would naturally attack them. However, at Glasgow zoo in 1998 the father tiger was with the female tiger when she gave birth to her cubs and the behaviour of the father tiger brought astonishment across the world, as he not only didn’t attack them but acted in a very parental protective manner towards his cubs. It was simply amazing!

Our crew were hired to go to the zoo the following morning and film this previously unheard of behaviour. Our VNR was broadcast around the world.

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