Yo Yo-ing Around

Our production team places great importance on the pre-production process and a key part of that is planning. Therefore, as far as possible, we will schedule filming to happen in the most logical and effective way possible in order for our film crew not to be yo yo-ing around the country between filming locations. However, inevitably, this is not always possible. And sometimes, despite our greatest, and most efficient, intentions things go wrong.

One of our projects involved filming a whole series of interviews with people based all over the UK. It was a long stint on the road but thankfully all beautifully choreographed with time built into each day to film, travel, eat and sleep – what other time do you need? It was all going swimmingly to plan until our interviewee in Northampton fell ill and  needed to postpone his filming. It wasn’t the end of the world as we would be back in the south of England sometime soon and it gave  the crew an unavoidable, but welcome, rest in the filming schedule.

Unfortunately, a combination of the editing deadline and the interviewee’s availability meant that the only window of opportunity to film our Northampton interview was on a Sunday morning several days after the crew on the project would be back in Glasgow. But that wasn’t the worst of it. The same crew had to be in Glenbervie, in the north of Scotland, that Sunday night for a shoot starting at 8.00 am on the Monday morning.

We worked out that we could travel down to Northampton from Glasgow on the Saturday, stay overnight, film the interview on the Sunday morning and then make the eight hour journey north (past Glasgow!) to Glenbervie in time for something to eat. As an incentive, and positive end, to a weekend on the road, we researched restaurants in the beautiful Stonehaven seventeen miles from our accommodation.

What a plan!

Filming finished on time and there were no hold-ups on the drive north, meaning we drew into Stonehaven bang on half past eight. Only to be told, by the waiter in the seafood restaurant that they had stopped serving. And so we were given the same devastating information at the next restaurant… and the next… and the next. Five restaurants and much pathetic pleading later, we visited the local chip shop and had an al fresco meal out of a bag on Stonehaven pier!

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