WW1 Film Goes Live


It is a year since the crew of Rumble TV had their lives changed, and I exaggerate not, by our filming trip to the World War One Battlefields. Commissioned to produce a film following a group of school pupils from Bishopbriggs Academy on their trip to the Western Front, we captured their journey, reactions and reflections. Of course, no film can replace actually being there, particularly if you have the pleasure of having Des Brogan of Mercat Tours International as your guide! I kid you not: under his magic spell the surrounding lush fields of crops melt to squalor alive with soldiers wading through mud and exploding shells. If that’s what our crew felt, what on earth is it like when you are not watching through a viewfinder and thinking about film content and cuts? We will most definitely to go back to the battlefields, free of kit, and find out.

Our film went live on You Tube in the week leading up to Armistice Day and the reaction so far has been fabulous. We are delighted the film featured (so prominently too) in the Evening Times on the eve of Remembrance Sunday.

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