What’s For T

Some jobs are right up our video production crew’s street and one job in particular whetted their appetite, or should we say thirst!

The job was for Tennent Caledonian Breweries and there were two elements to the brief:

The first was to demonstrate to their customers good bar practice when dealing with the Tennent’s product. This involved filming correct cleaning and storage of glassware, maintenance of the beer tap, serving the product at the correct temperature and we also followed a brewery rep carrying out a bar inspection.

The second element was to demonstrate how to pour the perfect pint of Tennent’s lager into the newly introduced glassware, which had the instantly recognisable ‘T’ etched into the base of the glass. The practise of etching was new and worked by allowing carbon dioxide to be released from the liquid which came into contact with the etched surface, thus helping to maintain a head on the lager… genius!

Needless to say this part of the shoot was particularly thirsty work. And fortunately our film crew didn’t need to travel far for the customary end of shoot pint!

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