What On Earth

… had we got ourselves into this time?

Sitting at the front of the bus seemed the best out of the bad options available to us in the middle of that sleepy April night in 2005. It was horrifically late, or early depending on how your body clock works, and call us miserable but we found the prospect of the imminent bus journey from Coatbridge to Leeds Bradford airport far from exciting. The noisy mass making up the three quarters of the bus behind us was positively ecstatic and negatively rowdy. As the bus pulled away from a pavement layered with apprehensive parents, our testosterone-fuelled teenage travel companions leapt away from the windows and began the relentless racket they managed to sustain for the next five hours: one endless rendition of “Show me the way to Amarillo”!

With every sleepless minute that passed us by we wondered what we were doing. If we ever made it to Leeds Bradford airport intact, and sane, we had a flight to Italy to suffer and then another bus journey to Lido Di Jesolo (we hadn’t been brave enough to ask how long a journey!). Well, at least when we got there we would be able to enjoy….. a week trapped in the same hotel as this lot!!!

At what point did producing a documentary about a schools’ rugby tour seem like a good idea?

You can see an excerpt from the film at www.rumblelimited.tv/rugby_tour

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