What Did You Do Today?

We filmed four bottles…

Yes, really. Well, it was one of the many things going off at Rumble today.

Obviously the whole production team was not involved in this filming project, nor did it occupy much of the day for one of our camera lighting guys. That said, the (dreaded) pack shot task takes more time than you would imagine!

We are sure that our client will not mind us admitting that, compared to filming people and things that move or do something, filming bottles can score pretty highly on the dull scale. However, regardless of how trivial (or boring) the task may sound, pack shots play an important role in the brand promotion, awareness and marketing videos we produce. And quality pack shots take an extremely creative mind.

A sound guy we used to work with positively loved taking the camera and filming pack shots. And he was brilliant at it! He would shut himself away in the studio and what he could achieve with products and a pile of kit never failed to amaze everyone.

Could have done with him today!

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