What A Difference A Week Makes

Well, what a difference a week makes…


Last week summer made a premature appearance, much to the country’s absolute delight, and left us all basking in the warm sunshine. Jumping at the chance to make the most of the weather, our film crew headed straight for a shoot on the (bonnie bonnie) banks of Loch Lomond. The weather was spectacular, but it was only March after all, and we weren’t best prepared: resorting to making a hat from a tea towel (don’t ask!) we found in the car door!

Today, we were back filming at the exact same spot in Balmaha, but it was a very different story. The morning frost had thawed by the time we arrived but the temperature hovered not a great deal higher for the entire day and the attire all round was scarves, wooly hats and gloves. It was seriously baltic!

Perseverance pays though and we bravely managed to film everything before the daylight failed… and our health!


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