Turn Around When Possible

Perhaps it was something to do with having a predominantly male crew (sweeping generalisation!) but there was a distinct degree of resistance towards equipping ourselves with satellite navigation. Some of our guys have been finding their filming locations around the world without the need of such gadgets since 1981 after all!

Something changed, however, when we were filming our patient information film for global pharmaceutical company Teva. Like many of our corporate projects, regional representation throughout the film was important and therefore filming involved travelling all over the UK. All went extremely well, as had always been the way. Until, that is, we hit the wonderful city of Cardiff!

To this day we don’t know what went and kept going wrong or why. The first disaster was driving into Cardiff and trying to locate our hotel. Time after time we drove into the city from a familiar point on the road from Newport and tried to get to where we wanted to be. And then, to prove it wasn’t a one-off, the next morning we drove around Cardiff in circles looking for the ice rink! Asking people on the street for directions proved completely futile; how can so many people in a city not know they have an ice rink?

Anyway, we survived to tell the tale and we all had a laugh when we got lost for the final time driving out of Cardiff the following day. As someone in the crew mentioned, it was a good job none of us were married!! Otherwise (ending as we started with a sweeping generalisation) there would have been raised voices and huff!

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