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Our director cameraman has been flying all over the world filming for more years than he would probably care to count. Many of our clients have remained the same and the filming remit has often been exactly the same too, whether the location has been the UK, Spain, Thailand or Nigeria! What has most definitely changed over time is the size of the kit required to do the same job.

The large kit (top right) represents the mass of equipment involved in a shoot in Nigeria in 1984: camera, tripod, video recorder, monitor, box of tapes, another of cables, assorted batteries and chargers, flight cases so that every bit of it could be stowed safely in the hold of the aeroplane, three members of crew and three sets of luggage .

Twelve years later, filming in Indonesia simply involved a cameraman with a tripod and an over-shoulder bag, taken on as hand luggage, containing the camera, tapes, batteries and charger! And worth pointing out that for a fraction of the size, the picture quality knocked spots off older technology.

The smaller kit we work with these days is obviously hugely advantageous. There are fewer broken backs around, filming can be so much more intimate and discreet and the cost of equipment these days is not comparable with the cost of buying a (large) house. There are, in our opinion as producers, equally huge disadvantages to professional video equipment being so affordable and therefore accessible but then that’s a blog (rant!) for another day.

To see an example of what can be achieved using a small kit have a look at our Malawi film on

And if you want a laugh, we have a post about that 1984 trip to Nigeria. Lugging all that kit about was least of their problems!!! You’ll find it on

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