Toy Story

There are few jobs that we look back on with less fondness than the video we produced for a toy company. Such has been our efforts to try and forget the job that no-one can particularly recall what the video was about or what it was for. However, we will never forget what it involved!

Filming was an entire day (surely it must have been longer!) in a gigantic toy warehouse comprising floor to ceiling shelves loaded with all sorts of children’s toys. At first it seemed all rather exciting. A return to a childhood dream perhaps. But then the practical  job in hand kicked in and the reality that shots of toys and games in their packaging were never going to prove promotional enough. And how do we to show the toys and games in their best light?

Yes, a warehouse full of young children all let loose to play with toys. The noise was immense and it was simply awful. At first the children were somewhat over-whelmed and intimidated by the camera. But once they had been separated from their parents’ thighs and given a little encouragement from our film crew, the little monsters threw themselves whole-heartedly into play mode. And we are not talking meccano, lego or operation (or any of the lovely toys in the picture). No, we are talking musical dancing mats, sticky bubble wands, whistling hula hoops, motorised cars and pretty much any other annoying, noisy and wholly unnecessary toy you can import by the container load from China.

Everything either made a mess of your clothes or your head, and that was just the toys!

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