Through Malawian Eyes

What better way to spend a sunny afternoon in Scotland with our friends from Malawi than a pleasant walk together. It was a great opportunity to catch up with the girls and find our how their families were getting on and what had been going on back home in the community of Luchenza.

The girls were eager to find out everything about life on this side of the world and so our time walking was spent answering their many questions and explaining how things are.

Not long after we set off they stopped still at the sound of gushing water from a manhole in the street, and so we told them what we could about the cycle of our water supply, sewage, treatment and reservoirs. They were somewhat bemused by red pillar boxes in the street and found it absolutely amazing that we are able to post a letter from the vicinity of our homes and have mail delivered straight to our door. Like all tourists to Scotland we made sure that we found a highland cow but, whilst they were interested, they were far more taken by the horses in the adjacent field. The girls had never seen a horse before after all. They were obviously thinking about the fine meal they would make and found it unbelievable that we keep horses as a pet and ride them for a hobby.

Our discussion was fascinating and we felt incredibly fortunate to be able to understand a little about how our crazy world looked through their Malawian eyes.

This link will take you to the short film Rumble produced in Malawi about these lovely girls and their struggle for an education

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