This Is Not Disney!

Nowadays, video production companies are generally not the large organisations they used to be. Both our director and producer were trained in one of Scotland’s largest video production companies in its day (and was it not the first in Scotland too?) when there was room upon room of full time staff, many of whom were not anything to do with production i.e. admin and finance etc. And in fairness, in the roles they were doing, they didn’t need to know all that much about video production.

One of the suggestions someone in a said department made was rather amusing… to us anyway!

We were to produce a brand new promotional film for our client Terex Equipment Ltd. as they had rebranded and changed the colour of their trucks from green to white, making all their videos instantly out of date. Why we would want to save costs on re-filming we, to this day, have absolutely no idea but that was the motivation for the suggestion that we could simply change the colour of all the trucks in the existing video in Photoshop.

Our graphics guy, once he’s picked himself up from the floor, explained that there are twenty five frames in every second of video and that it would take him a minimum of thirty minutes to complete each frame. And that it would therefore be an impressive thirty years before a half hour video was done!!

Filming was the agreed way forward.

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