The Way We Work Together

There are a couple of key factors which we believe would improve the way marketing, advertising and PR agencies work with video production companies.

The first would be to be for agencies to actually commission us to produce their client’s video at the outset and not simply hire us for filming and editing facilities. As things generally stand, we either end up in the situation discussed in our Off The Pulse blog where we spend needless time making and reversing unnecessary changes. Or, we end up stepping in and producing the video anyway!

A second solution would be for agencies to allow a member of our video production team to be present at the client’s video briefing. A producer would work completely under the agency umbrella and want no direct contact with their client. This would would be far more effective as we would know from source what the video is to achieve, we would not have to rely on someone else’s interpretation and, over the course of the project, everyone’s time would be spent so much more productively – and enjoyably!

More importantly the client would benefit as the video process would be simpler, quicker and more cost-effective.

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