The Trouble With Ferries

The trouble with ferries it that for some reason or another we struggle to catch them. No matter how much time we give ourselves there is, through no fault of our own, almost always a hitch en route which causes us a delay.

On one particular occasion we were heading to Stranraer to catch a ferry to Belfast. Anyone who has made the trip from Glasgow will know that the coast road is long, winding and notoriously difficult for making overtaking manoeuvres. Having crawled through roadworks and encountered numerous tractors along the way, we approached Stranraer praying that the ferry had been delayed. But as we rounded the headland we were greeted by the sight of our ferry heading out to sea. Oh dear!!

Checked in at the port, we realised we now had to kill five hours in Stranraer before the next ferry which, given none of the crew were keen shoppers, wasn’t looking like an easy task. Fortunately, as luck would have it, Stranraer were playing host to Hamilton Accies in a Scottish Football League match and so we found ourselves in the back of the main stand enjoying (well, perhaps enjoying isn’t quite the word) the football on display. The star of the show that day was a very young Jose Quitongo – anyone who saw him starring for Kilmarnock at the weekend in the Sky Masters football tournament will realise that this story happened more than a few years ago!

Anyway, all worked well in the end as we spent the remainder of the afternoon in the Stranraer FC social club before successfully catching our ferry to Belfast. We were heading there to spend a few days filming a music video for Ireland’s first ever Eurovision Song Contest winner Dana, but that’s a blog for another day.

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