The Royal Wedding

Well yes, we did watch the royal wedding here at Rumble – for purely professional reasons of course. The television coverage was incredibly good and thorough to say the least, with absolutely every inch filmed of Kate Middleton and Prince William’s respective  journeys to Westminster Abbey. How many cameras must the BBC have had in place??

There was something for everyone to enjoy. Wasn’t there? The girl contingency were able to scan shots of the wedding guests, waiting for Victoria Beckham to break a smile and wondering what on earth the wife of the UK Prime Minister, Samantha Cameron, was wearing… and indeed holding. And then there was the ultimate girl-pleaser… the revealing of Kate’s magnificent wedding dress. All beautifully shot, obviously.

We did notice a pretty important vision-mixing fluff though! Cutting away too late from a rather long shot of Carole Middleton as her daughter was making her way up the aisle meant that we missed the much-anticipated moment when William turned around and first set eyes on his stunning bride. Oh well. And we shared a laugh when, following the ceremony, in Hyde Park, roving reporter for the day, Chris Hollins, commented on how no-one in the crowd was being very talkative despite repeatedly asking closed questions which could only ever prompt a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ from the people he was interviewing!

All in all, however, the royal wedding of William and Catherine, our new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, was wonderfully filmed and broadcast to the world by the BBC. Safe to say, in our production office, the girls were far more excited and moved by the whole occasion than the guys. However, they were not without their emotion! Whilst it may have been the images of Kate Middleton walking up the aisle with her proud dad that grabbed the girls and welled a tear, our director was visibly emotionally choked by… the impressive high shot taken from above the altar of Westminster Abbey. Well, what can you say.

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