The Least We Could Do

Rumble produced an awareness film for the Scottish Adoption to explore and raise awareness of the experiences and feelings of young people who have been adopted. The film’s primary objective was to act as a kind of ‘training’ tool to inform prospective adoptive parents of the potential issues surrounding adoption. It also, however, provided an invaluable opportunity for existing adoption support and services to be tweaked and improved.

Our production team were to achieve the core content of the film through interviews with each of the adopted children. Those identified by our client ranged in age from six to eighteen, including a young autistic boy. The questions posed would provoke the most personal and emotional of responses and the information shared would be of a nature only ever really exchanged between adopted child and key worker. Conducted in front of a camera, under lights and surrounded by filming kit and crew, this was not an easy prospect.

That’s why our film crew made the decision to invest time prior to the shoot going to each of their family homes with the camera. It wasn’t part of the remit of the project; it simply reflected our commitment to a successful and effective outcome. We were determined, and confident, that come the day of filming the children would feel comfortable with our crew and the camera. And given what was being asked of them, we thought it was the very least we could do.

For obvious reasons we cannot have this film on our website but you can watch one we produced for the Big Lottery Fund on

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