Telly On Telly

We’ve been digging back down memory lane to one of our director’s earliest working memories in the world of television.

In 1981 he was trainee cameraman at a celebrity golf tournament at Turnberry golf course in Scotland, where Bob Hope was billed to be the big name of the event. Unfortunately, he cancelled due to ill health. However, Telly Savalas, no less, stood in for the occasion, which was hugely exciting.

Our then trainee cameraman caught up with Telly on the ‘pitch and putt’ course for an interview and ended up shaking his hand and talking to him. Understandably, he was star struck!

A funny thing about this job was that in order to power the kit for the day, the crew didn’t go down the conventional route of wearing (investing in!) battery belts like the rest of the industry. Oh no, our director had to lug about a car battery masked in a pink box suspended by skipping rope handles!

Wonder why that didn’t catch on!

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