Taste Of Scotland

As a video production company we have filmed our fair share of projects about personal development. The platform can vary enormously from one organisation to the next and some of the personal journeys we have followed through the lens have been far more remarkable than others. Yet they all seem to achieve their goals and video is just perfect for capturing the difference in those who take part.

One of the less obvious personal development projects we produced was a film about was a Scottish schools’ initiative about Scottish heritage. It involved children and young people between the ages of six and eighteen exploring, learning about and performing Scottish poetry, song and dance. Weeks of discovery and rehearsing would conclude with a grand performance at a Burns Night celebration.

It all seemed rather (too) straightforward to our production team. However, it quickly became apparent that the children and young people taking part were not the predictable seasoned performers of the school. No, this project was about taking those who lacked confidence and self-esteem and giving them the belief to carry out what, to them, seemed like the impossible.

The first day our film crew turned up at rehearsals, we didn’t get the best of reactions but as the weeks went by they (very) gradually got used to our being about and became less inhibited by our presence – and the task in hand!

Whilst the process was interesting enough, the highlight of the production was interviewing each of the young people as they came off stage. They were absolutely elated to have pulled off a successful performance in front of so many people and do something they never thought themselves capable of doing.

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