Taking The Plunge

As video producers we have a responsibility to how people come across on-screen and we always want them to look good. After all, it can be rather daunting for those with no or little experience of being filmed with interviews, from our experience, having the wildest effect on people. The most confident and chatty people can shrivel into a stuttering mess on hitting the record button. Thankfully, our film crew are absolute experts at making people feel comfortable in front of the camera and and know what to do in order for them to perform to their best ability. We take this part of our job seriously and dedicate time and care to people we are going to film.

As far as the aesthetics are concerned we often have make-up artists on set who, with great diplomacy, do a fantastic job of tidying up hair and repairing anything too distracting. When it comes to what people wear, we take any relevant technical and creative considerations into account and offer whatever guidance is necessary – generally what not to wear. However, sometimes you just can’t legislate for what people are going to wear or how they are going to wear it!

When filming an interview, for example, it’s easy enough to suggest whether someone wears a tie or not as these decisions can be based on the relationship between the person speaking and the audience – actual or desired. Plunging necklines, however, are a slightly different but surprisingly common problem. It can be pretty awkward having to suggest to someone that they button up their shirt but it’s about impressions after all.

And we’re not just talking women here! Just the other day we interviewed a guy from a Children Services council department and took the plunge (for want of the perfect word!) and asked him to do up at least two of the four buttons he had unfastened. Apart from the fact that it can be distracting, and let’s face it chest hair is not everyone’s cup of tea, when we cut to the close-up shot he looked like he was wearing barely anything at all!!

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