T(repidation) In The Park

In preparation for filming, our production team has to make sure we have all the necessary permissions in place. Whilst we don’t require consent to film absolutely everywhere (in many cases a bit of common sense, respect and consideration goes a long way), there are certain locations we wouldn’t step foot in without the piece of paper detailing we have permission and the list of contact details as back-up. And one such location is a park. In particular one of those big city or town parks that are usually enclosed, even locked, and have an army of maintenance or security wardens roaming around.

Well, despite our best intentions, we recall a slight misunderstanding between our interviewee-to-be and someone on our production team with regard to one of our locations. Our crew believed that the setting for the interview would be a stretch of grass not far from the person’s house. However, on being led to position, it became apparent that this was no ordinary stretch of grass. It was a public park!

There were not a great deal of options to the rescue and time was not in our favour, so crew and client decided to wing it! With much care and trepidation we set off inconspicuously to a quiet area of the park and set up for filming far away from anyone. It was a fantastic backdrop for an interview and the shot was an absolute winner with our interviewee perched on a gigantic log. However, it wasn’t in any way a relaxed shoot! Our crew had one eye (and one ear!) on what we were filming and the other on the lookout for the wardens.

In retrospect, it wasn’t our most professional moment. But it showed a dedication to getting the job done in the best possible way – even if it did risk arrest!

We are probably in enough trouble writing this without identifying the location, client or production so we cannot refer you to the film on our website!

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