Presenting T In The Park

A week already since T in the Park festival in Scotland, yet the talk lives on.

Our crew weren’t involved in any of the filming so we got to enjoy watching it from the warm dry comfort of our homes. Whilst the bands may have been entertaining to watch, we all shared the same opinion about the television presenting between music acts.

Generally, for all these kinds of music festivals the ‘front people’ of the programme are radio presenters, so you have to forgive them for not being too good at engaging with the cameras – and therefore the viewing audience! But, is there really any excuse for the fact that they simply make inane chat, often it seems between themselves, provide minimal information on the bands playing and then when faced with interviewing an act they invariably ask daft questions to which they (unsurprisingly) get equally daft answers? Makes it all rather pointless really.

And perhaps that’s our point!

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