Sweet Talk And Bribes

A recent blog about our Scotland’s Children’s Hearings System video production work has sparked a whole host of memories for the crew who were involved here at Rumble. The project lasted at least nine months so beware, this may (will!) not be the last blog on the subject!

There was a huge amount of filming involved in the production of the recruitment and training videos with the most complex shoot being the filming of a mock children’s hearing. We hired a genuine hearing room for filming and along with the child, parent, three panel members, a reporter and our client we had a film crew of seven and a whole pile of camera, sound, lighting and vision-mixing kit in the one room!

A children’s hearing is not a noisy affair so we sensibly chose to minimise the chance of interruption from external noise by scheduling filming for first thing on a Sunday morning. And indeed, when our crew arrived in Edinburgh City Centre it was like a ghost town. After several cups of tea and coffee and a peaceful two-hour rig, we had everyone in place for filming by eight o’clock. Perfect.

But no sooner had our director called out “action” than there was a noise! A large noise which got louder and louder with every look the crew exchanged across the room. The sound guy lowered his boom, the cameramen removed their headphones and the producer’s pen hit the desk as the room let out a sigh of despair. A tentative walk over to the window confirmed our greatest fears….. the street sweeper man!

An entire hour it took for him and his horrible noisy (why are they so noisy???) machine to finish the area and sweep off into the distance. There was no point going out to reason with the street sweeper man. There never is. For some reason, they are far less susceptible to sweet talk and bribes than the lawnmower man (the other bane of our filming lives) and the way they always address you with their machine pointed at you on full suction mode is far more intimidating! You’d think the lawnmower man and his blades would be more off-putting!

Anyway, not great for crew morale to lose an hour’s filming before we’d even started, but we got there in the end and managed a laugh about it over the customary end-of-shoot pint.

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