Spanish (no) Fly

News of the looming strike by Spanish airport staff this Easter reminds us of the time we were almost stranded in Spain. We had been filming in Seville and were booked on an evening flight to Madrid where we would catch an onward flight to Rome. We arrived at Seville airport only to discover that due to a local strike nobody was going anywhere… air that was!

It was absolutely essential for our film crew to get to Madrid so there was only one option: taxi!

The driver of the cab must have muttered “oh no” under his breath (but in Spanish) as he watched our film crew approach with three sets of luggage and a mountain of kit. Quite how he got us, and it, squeezed into the car no-one is sure – but somehow he did. His face lit up, however, when he was informed of our destination, although he did ask if he could phone his wife before we set off as his shift had been about to end and he was expected home for dinner. How could we say no? He was after all about to embark on a twelve hour round trip.

We were treated to some wonderful Spanish scenery en route before nightfall and, although slightly cramped, it could be argued that we shared a far better experience than sitting in an airport terminal would have offered.

It is a shame that airport strikes are so often timed around holiday periods, when they can have the most impact and therefore the most chance of success. It is also unfortunate that very often those most affected by airport strikes are possibly the people who fly least.

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