Straight Down The Lens

They say you shouldn’t film children or animals. Well, our video production company does both on a regular basis and it’s fair to say that these shoots are certainly not without their challenges. Both (lovely) groups have a habit of giving our director a bit of a headache when it comes to direction and delivering what is required for the shot.

This week we were filming in a crèche and falsely lulled into a sense of security on the grounds that the editor wouldn’t be using any of the sound recorded at the crèche (thankfully!) and that our subjects would be babies and presumably less likely to cause mayhem or do the exact opposite from any given direction.

Whilst this was indeed the case, the problem with babies is that at their tender age you can’t explain to them not to look at the camera! It seemed like every tiny pair of eyes in the room was fixed on our lens… not good.

We will strictly never use shots where someone is looking at the lens in the edit so this shoot seemed to take forever!

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