Stirring It Up Again

The football season starts in Scotland and it takes no time at all for the controversy to begin! This time the media, or specifically the BBC, is back in the spotlight!

Rangers manager Ally McCoist attended a pre-match press conference a day before his team kicked off the Scottish football season on Saturday. It was broadcast on national television on Friday evening and has caused some upset.

When asked a question about the trouble at Old Firm fixtures there is a close-up shot of him where he looks as though he is smirking. The Rangers manager is adamant that this close-up was taken from a different part of the interview and inserted as a response to this question in order to show that he had “a flippant attitude towards either religious bigotry or trouble between Old Firm fans” and is refusing to speak to the BBC until he is given a full apology.

Even before the Scottish football season has started the media are provoking the same old debates. Perhaps, if we were to be slightly cynical, we could suggest that it would make their journalistic lives rather dull with little to report on were there no problems between the Old Firm. It is ten weeks since the last Premier League game, and before a ball in the new season is kicked the media are raking up controversy and bringing it to the forefront of the game!

In Scotland we are accustomed to the tabloid papers stirring it up between Old Firm fans but surely the BBC wouldn’t stoop so low. According to the Herald today the BBC “accept that offence has been caused by an inappropriate edit in the piece”.


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