Stand And Deliver

This photo always makes us laugh! May just look like a photo of a cameraman and director filming a shot of a ferry coming into port. But, it is loaded with memories of yet another funny (in retrospect) episode on that infamous Western Isles shoot.

Our presenter for the programme was a local radio celebrity. He was a lovely guy and the ideal front man for the job but by his own admission he was rather rusty on the television presenting front and needed a little longer than normal to deliver his lines to camera.

Well, as we have said previously, the client had set us the most unrealistic filming schedule for the job which meant that we didn’t really have time to film one take of anything let alone many! Our crew pride themselves in being patient and understanding and providing a relaxed filming environment but the pressure on us was absolutely immense.

We had the presenter’s final piece-to-camera to film before we island-hopped and things were just going from worse to worse as he just couldn’t deliver his lines. To film him with the ferry arriving in the background of shot would look good, but the decision was taken completely for practical reasons as this way we would know exactly how little time we had left to get the piece-to-camera in the can!

In the nicest possible way, our presenter, who was minutes away from job done and journey home, was threatened with the reality of coming with us on the ferry and spending the night on a different island.

Thankfully, he got it with just enough time for a shot of the ferry and a sprint back to the car!

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