So Unglamorous!

The team at our video production company has come up with yet another unglamorous shoot, although this one really does take a lot of beating…

We were commissioned to produce the play-in video which would profile the nominees for an Entrepreneur of the Year awards ceremony and provide those attending with some background information. One of the people in the category was a farmer who had invented what can only be described as a ‘shit scraper’ – sorry!

This nifty (niffy!) device was a simple design and construction resembling a plank of wood on a large long rope and a pulley system. However, it was incredible effective and played a role on the farm which nothing like it had ever before claimed. As the cows stood nose-in to be milked, the inevitable would accumulate on the floor of the barn. This invention would manoeuvre itself from one end of the barn to the other thus removing the back-breaking effort of clearing up after their visit… and ‘visit’!

We don’t have the video of this particular award nominee on our website but you can watch a different interview on

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