Simple Phone Call

Mobile phone technology is so unbelievably advanced these days: it is possible to translate text into foreign languages, use it for satellite navigation all over the world, scan bar codes and even set your Sky box to record television programmes you are going to miss – all at the press of a button. Or, more accurately, the touch of a screen. The fabulous ‘apps’ available are indeed just that, but at times the simple task of making a phone call seems the most challenging thing to do on a mobile phone. The percentage of mobile network coverage does not seem to have particularly improved at the same pace as phone technology – or is it just our film crew and where we seem to end up filming!

This week we have a film crew just outside St Andrews,  which seems to be one of our cold spots for mobile phone signal. The hotel where we are filming has such poor signal that on a spare moment we find ourselves walking with mobile phones held up high in search of  network coverage.

At least, however, we know what to expect. Unlike when we went to Malawi to film our documentary about the life of girls in Malawi and their struggle for an education. We equipped ourselves in advance with blackberries, as well as mobile phones, so that we could keep projects moving from afar. Like all good plans… we arrived in the village of Luchenza only to find that Malawi did not support data coverage.

Everyone’s blackberries almost imploded when we landed back in Dubai on our way home and weeks of emails came flooding in!

This link will take you to the short film Rumble produced in Malawi about girls and their struggle for an education

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