Sex Sells Alcohol?

… Well that’s clearly still the belief (and brief!) given the advertising that goes on in some parts of the world. And we got to see some amusing if rather outrageous examples!

Earlier this year we filmed a Responsible Marketing workshop for two of the world’s largest drinks companies. It was interesting to get an insight into the world of marketing alcohol brands and how the attitudes of organisations and audiences differ from one country to the next. It was also a surprise to learn the extent to which companies must adhere to strict guidelines when marketing their brands.  There is so much for alcohol brand managers to take on board in order to ensure that alcohol is marketed responsibly with the threat of hefty consequences for those in breach.

The workshop was filmed with a six man (not strictly speaking) crew with three cameras vision mixed – which made a lot of a mess! We felt a bit bad about this although there was nothing we could do. The client chose to host the event in their impressive boardroom which boasts a beautiful hand carved oak bar and a complete wall of glass offering stunning views over the Perthshire countryside, but in order to have controlled lighting it was blinds down for the day unfortunately! Oh well, it would just have been distracting!

With the material, and many hours reproducing PowerPoint slides used in the presentation as television graphics later, we produced a training DVD to be used in various markets around the world. Well, that still sounds far more simple a process than it actually was! There was the small matter of a rather enormous task subtitling the video into different languages, but that’s a story for another day!

This training film hasn’t made it to our website yet but perhaps we’ll find a bit to put up, as some of the information is genuinely interesting!

In the meantime, fancy a cocktail?…

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