Scout Hall In Redditch

Our video production company provided a series of parent information films for Worcestershire County Council. The films were produced to be shown at school parents’ evenings to promote and raise awareness of the children’s services available within the county ranging from pre-school childcare, school nursing, advice and counselling to the scouts and evening youth groups.

When we arrived in Redditch to film the scout group (turning down an invitation to the Mobo Awards after-show party in Glasgow to do so, we may add!!) our client explained to parents that our crew would like to film a little of the session and asked if they would sign a video release form, granting us permission to film their child.

Well, only a handful of parents agreed for us to film their children, which made filming a group activity rather tricky.

Moreover, we found it incredible that so many parents refused. The film was, after all, being produced to promote their child’s scout group! Increased awareness would surely improve, and could even secure, its future? Plus the film would only be shown in schools and seen by parents of children in the county!

This is happening more and more these days and we are becoming convinced that many parents believe that it is the right thing to do to refuse for their child to be filmed. They don’t necessarily know why they should say no, but it feels like the responsible thing to do. And that’s where we have to agree with you Chris and say that at times society needs to regain a sense of proportion.

On a brighter note, it is Friday night! Let this Rumble video of the Corinthian Club in Glasgow get you in the mood

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