Satin Or Satan

Our trip to Ireland to film Dana’s music video was extremely enjoyable with its fair share of memorable moments.

Having missed our original ferry from Stranraer to Belfast, and spent most of our intended day of departure in Stranraer FC social club, we finally arrived in Ireland and made our way to Londonderry, where our film crew were to be based for the shoot. We elected to stay with Dana’s sister Eileen rather than take the alternative suggested hotel; our crew are friendly, sociable and always happy to accept hospitality on offer.

One potential problem, however, was flagged up to our film crew on arrival. Eileen had a dog; a German Shepherd to be exact. The dog was called Satin although we were advised that the name should have really been SATAN. Not a dog that was renowned for “making friends easily”, we were warned “not to unpack too hastily”!

Always keen to deal with a problem head on, our sound man was first to tackle the beast and was soon, to the amazement of its owner, rolling around on the floor biting the dog’s ears!! Satin was happy, Eileen was happy and the crew enjoyed the rest of their stay (safely!) in Londonderry.

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