Russian Character (by character)

Many of  the programmes we produce are intended for an international audience so part of our remit is often to produce subtitled versions in different languages. When we were working on the Responsible Marketing video for two of the largest drinks companies, for some inexplicable reason, we only ended up with the hard copy of the Russian subtitle script.

Laying the Russian text down as subtitles therefore wasn’t the usual straightforward copy and paste exercise it should have been. No, every single character had to be dictated and placed individually to form words and sentences… the entire video!

No-one in the production team has any knowledge of the Russian language unfortunately therefore our only option was to establish our very own bespoke key for describing each character.  For days on end, instructions along the lines of  “back to front capital r; small goalpost with a kick to the left; big chair; upside down baby g; back to front capital n with a smile on it; the number three; spider thing” could be heard from the edit suite, much to the amusement of anyone who had the fortune of not being involved in the process.  The deflating thing about it was that once we reached the end, we had it all to do again in order to spell check it all!

We can laugh about it now but at the time it was a horrifically tedious task.

We are going to get an excerpt of this workshop up on our website although we shall perhaps resist the Russian subtitled version.

In the meantime, you can learn the perfect way to make a cocktail

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