Rubbish Location

As far as outskirts of a city go this wasn’t the best part of Glasgow. But even our many years of working in video production could not have prepared us for the filming location we were about to encounter.

The door opened on to a hallway where there was evidence of some decorating taking place: bare walls and piles of books and boxes lining the walls and stacked the height of the staircase.

As we were ushered into the sitting room of the house we recognised the theme. A slight variation, however. Not an inch of the room was visible for heap upon heap of filled black bin bags. Our director had led the way into the room with the intention of deciding on where best to set up the shot for our interview with the house owner. But such was the wall to wall, floor to ceiling mess that the rest of the crew couldn’t get any further than the hall.

The woman we were interviewing had, in anticipation of our arrival, kindly cleared the middle seat of her three piece suite from clutter and, after a quick tour of the rest of the tip of her house, it became apparent that this may be our only option.

However, clearing rubbish from the back of shot was too tremendous a task and no amount of creativity was going to solve the dilemma. Our director noticed it was dry outside and tactfully suggested we head out to film the interview in the street. Once we had set up a shot which avoided what looked suspiciously like a bullet hole in the wall, we managed to get the footage we needed.

Our film crew were grateful to leave this interesting location, if a little itchy!

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