Roll Out the Barrel


Video production takes us to lots of different workplaces, giving the crew a privileged insight into industries, trades and the jobs people do. Even the most ordinary jobs are never really quite what you expect them to be! And there are lots of jobs to which you simply haven’t given any thought at all, until it’s up there on the filming schedule.

Yesterday was extremely memorable. Some of our guys have been in this video production business for more decades than they would choose to admit, and our trip to a cooperage was a first for them too!

What a fascinating place. It’s like a real step back in time being surrounded by wooden barrels and highly-skilled coopers working away furiously. The processes involved in making and repairing barrels don’t appear to have changed for hundreds of years, and the heavy tools being used looked like they were from a bygone era too. The whole experience was like a scene from a (very special) film.

It is a truly physical trade but one of great craftsmanship. It’s only a pity there were so many shots to get in the can as it would have been wonderful to stand by and watch the incredible workmanship on show.

Let’s face it. We may never step foot in a cooperage again!

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