Right Exposure?

For many years we produced the play-in video for the SPFA (Scottish Professional Footballers Association) Awards Dinner. This was a dream job for everyone – both sexes of crew were equally happy to spend an evening in the company of five hundred footballers!

It was always a long shift for the team as we finished later than the hotel cleaning staff and started in the morning in order to set up.

However, it was a fun job. Have to say some of the jokes and remarks flying about during the technical rehearsal were, on reflection, slightly borderline (in terms of political correctness) and in light of this week’s media frenzy around the off-air comments made by Sky Sports presenters Andy Gray and Richard Keys, it would seem that our sound guy should have been recording it all!!!

But that’s not the way we work.

As a video production company we have the privilege of working with public figures and people in responsible positions on a daily basis.  And inevitably our crew see and hear things that are private, or at least not intended for general consumption. Is it an abuse of power (or necessary) for film crews to be putting this out to the public domain? In some cases, such action could be regarded as the responsible thing to do but where do you draw the line?

Hopefully this latest media craze won’t take off or everyone will become wary of film crews and their power to ‘expose’. Now that won’t do business much good!

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