Reverend I Am Jolly

We were once awarded the contract to produce a daily religious programme for Scottish Television, which had previously always been produced in-house. These had typically involved a minister or priest sitting in a large Chesterfield chair; the ones parodied by the late great Rikki Fulton in his Scotch and Wry Rev I. AM. Jolly sketches on BBC.

Our production team decided that the format should change and that they should be produced out of house….literally.

And so we removed our ministers and priests from the warmth of their armchairs and had them present their spiel from a diverse range of locations: some were places of worship and some were not. An earlier Pancake Tossing post of ours refers to one such programme being filmed in a kitchen no less. The contract therefore involved touring around the country filming churchmen, churchwomen, and actually anyone else who fancied presenting one. The kit required was particularly huge as along with the standard camera, lights, tripod and sound kit we had the additional sizeable and heavy autocue kit.

We produced two programmes at this time: “Daily Call ” and “Evening Call”. Each presenter would shoot a week’s worth of “Calls” in a day and wherever possible we would try to vary the backdrop and or even film separate cutaways relevant to the mini sermon.

The aim was to distance, as much as possible, the style of programme from its often ridiculed predecessor.

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some our older of Scottish readers will be familiar with them
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