Product Placement

Independent broadcasters can now accept payments for plugging commercial products in their programmes. Brands will be used in shot and mentioned in dialogue as happens in our everyday lives – making television more real? Or a money-making exercise?

Some would argue both and they would probably be right.

For a recent film we produced it was important to show people going about everyday activities and for the audience to be able to relate to them. So, in line with this, our production team thought it would be a good idea to film in some well-known high street places. Whilst no money changed hands, our producer did strike a bit of a deal that as acknowledgement for being accommodating and allowing us to film in their premises, a spot of product placement would go on and their brand would appear in shot. This worked out well. Our film crew got access to some good recognisable locations and the ‘everyday people doing everyday things’ message was strengthened at no extra cost to our client. Meanwhile the businesses got a bit of free exposure in return for their kind co-operation.

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  1. Rumble says:

    Some smart a*** in our production office has just suggested that this post should have been called Advertising That Costa Nothing!!!

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