Product Demonstration

Product demonstration is one of the most powerful applications for video on the internet. It is having a massive impact for online retailers and increasing their sales dramatically, no matter the product. And it makes perfect sense.

Take this inflatable bed…

Feature it online with the still image above and yeah, you can assume that the bed is of reasonable size, comfortable and strong. After all, the woman lying on it looks relaxed and happy reading her book and the bed looks relatively unaffected by her weight in the picture.

But how do you inflate the bed? How easy is it to deflate? How long does it take? How compact is it for storage and travel?

People browsing online are no longer prepared to read screeds of product information on a page or spend time trying to visualise how a product works. And with more and more online shops providing video, they don’t need to anymore.

With a mere click of the mouse, and less than a minute of their time, they can find out the key factors which will ultimately influence their buying decision by watching a short video clip.

You can watch our product demo video of the Intex inflatable bed via

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