Political Storm

On 6th July 1984 some of our crew arrived at Lagos airport in Nigeria on an Italian flight from Rome.

There was some hostility towards anyone British at the time as a result of the foiled and aborted kidnapping of Umaru Dikko, who had been discovered drugged in a crate labelled ‘Diplomatic Baggage’ at Stansted Airport, only a matter of hours previous. The Nigerian politician was apparently victim of a Nigerian government sanctioned kidnapping and the crate was destined for Lagos.

Needless to say they were singled out by their British passports as soon as they arrived at the airport. They were presented before a huge chief of security, and his two heavily armed henchmen, and informed:

“He didn’t want to hinder their business providing it was appreciated”.

After what seemed like hours of terrifying negotiation, the crew finally bribed their way into the country!!

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