Planet Hell

As we may have mentioned more than a few times in this blog, filming earth-moving trucks is never particularly glamorous. But the most memorable, and by far the worst, was the shoot of a promotional video for Terex Equipment in Central Scotland. The charming filming location was a quarry (for a change!) called Greengairs although it has been referred to by our video production team as Planet Hell ever since.

Cold, miserable and muddy locations are par for the course with these kinds of jobs but this took the latter to absolute extremes. The mud, if you can call it that, was like clay, it was over a foot deep and extremely wet. At first it was quite amusing to watch the smaller slighter-built members of the the film crew negotiate the sea of sludge and try to wade through it but for everyone it soon got pretty exhausting. Every step through the mud involved physically hauling your foot out of the mud and wondering how much of it you would ever see again with the next sloppy step launched forward. It took a great deal of concentration (for eight hours we may add!) to think through each step, not lose balance and avoid your boot beingĀ  sucked off by the mud in the process – now that really wouldn’t have been funny!!!

We do actually have some footage we took of our crew plodding laboriously about on Planet Hell which we should post on our blog at some point. In the meantime, however, here is a different promotional video we produced for the same client via

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