Not What It Seemed!


Ooh what a laugh we had!

The shoot was a short piece-to-camera with Dr Jesse Jutkowitz on his fleeting visit to Scotland from the States for which the best solution in terms of time and convenience was to film him at the hotel where he was staying.

It was only a short piece and the shot was head, shoulders and a bit of wall – or headboard as it turned out – so we headed off to his room and set up for him to sit on the edge of the bed and deliver his spiel.

The script, however, was in an email on the laptop which he had patiently been trying to get to go online. Crunch time. Crew ready. No Internet.

And so the techy guy for the hotel was summoned to sort it out. There wasn’t a lot of patience in the room. Time was precious plus the sooner we got this filming over with, the sooner our star could top up on his two hours sleep before his important seminar.

In hindsight perhaps the techy guy could well have misunderstood the situation and the sense of urgency…

He walks into a bedroom crammed with two blokes, one woman, camera and lights pointing at the bed and a laptop ready to be wired for internet access.

We never thought anything of it at the time but had a laugh recalling the expression on his face. Wonder if he is still searching the web furiously!!

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Roll Out the Barrel


Video production takes us to lots of different workplaces, giving the crew a privileged insight into industries, trades and the jobs people do. Even the most ordinary jobs are never really quite what you expect them to be! And there are lots of jobs to which you simply haven’t given any thought at all, until it’s up there on the filming schedule.

Yesterday was extremely memorable. Some of our guys have been in this video production business for more decades than they would choose to admit, and our trip to a cooperage was a first for them too!

What a fascinating place. It’s like a real step back in time being surrounded by wooden barrels and highly-skilled coopers working away furiously. The processes involved in making and repairing barrels don’t appear to have changed for hundreds of years, and the heavy tools being used looked like they were from a bygone era too. The whole experience was like a scene from a (very special) film.

It is a truly physical trade but one of great craftsmanship. It’s only a pity there were so many shots to get in the can as it would have been wonderful to stand by and watch the incredible workmanship on show.

Let’s face it. We may never step foot in a cooperage again!

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Houston We Got a Problem

Or Fort Lauderdale rather…


Our producer and director recently spent a week out in Florida filming a chiropractic convention. There are a wealth of blogs about our american adventure, just waiting to be hatched, but this (problem) has dashed to the front of the queue.

You see, the footage we have come back with is making the production team shriek!

It’s only chiropractors demonstrating adjustments, which our producer and director can vouch don’t hurt (well, much!) having been on the receiving end when they were there. (Yip, dragged to the wrong side of the camera again!). But it’s no spectator sport and to say our wonderfully sensitive mics don’t help is an understatement!

We have filmed and edited lots of gory stuff over the years so we will of course become desensitised once we’ve been looking at it long enough. But at this rate it could take a while…

So far our producer has spent two days peeking through screwed shut eyes, hands over her face, gasping and screaming. Okay she is pretty squeamish. However, if our hardy director is spontaneously flying back from the monitor in his swivel chair shrieking, you know we got a problem!

We are all going to have to get a grip and soon, or we are never going to have this edited!

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Back to Blog


We don’t have many clients on our doorstep; most of them are in flung or far flung places and the others send us to them to film… did we mention our shoot in Florida last week??

Anyway, we had a meeting today with our geographically closest client (a mere 15 minute drive from our production office) and it would seem, much to our relief and delight, that our months and months of blogging hasn’t been a complete waste of time. Our (now favourite!) client was able to recite a good few of our industry tales! Maybe we shall be inspired to share a few more stories… did we mention our shoot in Florida last week?

Anyway, thank you (you know who you are!) for a wonderful array of biscuits and the more than entertaining, for all the right reasons, hour with you this afternoon.

(Quote shall be with you tomorrow.)

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What A Difference A Week Makes

Well, what a difference a week makes…


Last week summer made a premature appearance, much to the country’s absolute delight, and left us all basking in the warm sunshine. Jumping at the chance to make the most of the weather, our film crew headed straight for a shoot on the (bonnie bonnie) banks of Loch Lomond. The weather was spectacular, but it was only March after all, and we weren’t best prepared: resorting to making a hat from a tea towel (don’t ask!) we found in the car door!

Today, we were back filming at the exact same spot in Balmaha, but it was a very different story. The morning frost had thawed by the time we arrived but the temperature hovered not a great deal higher for the entire day and the attire all round was scarves, wooly hats and gloves. It was seriously baltic!

Perseverance pays though and we bravely managed to film everything before the daylight failed… and our health!


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