Over The Years

Our video production team has seen quite a change in the way in which marketing, advertising and PR agencies work with video production companies.

In the early days, the onset of the domestic camcorder made it possible for the first time for agencies to film their video material themselves. In order to provide their clients with a superior standard of production, the agencies would hire our video production company for editing. Whilst this may have seemed a successful balance for the agencies, for our editor it was rather like making a silk purse from a sow’s ear.

For many years agencies did appreciate and afford commissioning the professional services of a video production company to fulfil their client’s video briefs and deliver a quality product. This proved a much easier and more enjoyable process as editing amateur footage is not without its problems. And their clients were always delighted to have a high end and effective production.

Now, sadly, things have gone full circle and many agencies are filming and editing their videos in-house – at least for their lower end video requirements. This obviously saves them the cost of professional video services but we would argue that this cutting corners is to the detriment of the quality and efficacy of their client’s final product.

As video producers we have to accept this is just a syndrome of video production technology becoming so affordable and therefore accessible. However, give someone an expensive pan and it doesn’t make them a chef!

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